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UPDATE 1: Managed to restock today. From now we are allowing anyone to buy up to 5g of this coke. Please keep in mind that currently there are no big discount for bigger orders. We are just allowing bigger amounts since many of you guys requested it. It’s easier for us, and easier for you.

UPDATE 2: Ok guys, so after around 10 successful sales in the first few days we have to say that reviews that we have been getting from you is OUTSTANDING. Clearly this is the coke that will make us FAMOUS. You guys LOVE this shit and we are really glad. That’s why we decided to call this, wait for it – DISCO-SHIT 80’s COCAINE. That’s right. This is probably the closest you will get to the original 80’s US coke scene. So if you still didn’t heard from your friend about this, TRY it. We can bet you will come for more!! Also REMEMBER to start small lines. This is extremely high purity cocaine! ENJOY!

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